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"My husband and I made an appointment with Julie Yip for our home based business. She was friendly,  approachable,  clearly very knowledgeable and experienced with Feng Shui. We noticed a difference in the house immediately after she left -- an increased sense of protection and uplifted energy.  In the weeks after the session, we experienced increased business and I received a call from a music marketer with whom I had been trying to work for some time.  Although my husband and I have a wonderful relationship, we did the changes she suggested and our relationship became even better!" - Margaret Davis, Oakland

"I called Julie for her Feng Shui services specifically to improve my financial situation.  Seven months after her consultation, I've experienced improvement in that area which continues to this day."  JAB, Contra Costa County

"Julie impressed me with her Feng Shui strategies that really worked for my high tech company."- Ed, San Jose

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, which means WIND and WATER respectively in Chinese, can be properly related in English terms as "telluric geomancy." It is an ancient Chinese art concerned with the location of "dragon lines" of energy in the earth and their interaction with man as part of his subtle environment.

Feng shui is the art of living in harmony with the land and deriving the greatest benefit, peace and prosperity from being in the proper placement and direction aligned with the earth.

How Does Feng Shui Work?

Feng (wind) and Shui (water) make up feng shui. Together they express the power of flowing elements of the natural environment. This power is expressed in and derived from the flow of energy not only on the surface, which has been sculpted by wind and water, but also through the earth. Placing oneself in a favorable feng shui environment will bring good fortune, health, relationships, peace and long life. Although the system of feng shui is intrinsically linked to traditional Chinese Taoist philosophy, the practical tenets are universal.

Why Choose Julie Yip As A Feng Shui Consultant?

A gifted psychic in full time practice since 1986, Julie is able through her abilities to determine what energies block a peaceful household or prosperous business by recognition of the principles described above as well as to recognize, communicate with, and rid an environment of disturbed energies. These energies may not only attach themselves to people but also to structures and buildings, as well as exist underground.  The presence of these energies may negatively affect the lives of the residents of a home, company personnel or an entire business.  With her professional training of the principles as set forth by Professor Lin Yun of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) school of feng shui, she is able to advise those within a residence or business as to the proper layout of furniture, objects, colors and rooms, as well as to perform the proper rituals and blessings to create a harmonious environment.  

As Professor Lin Yun first taught his students the art of recognizing and applying one's intuition in feng shui, Julie was already known in the San Francisco Bay Area as an expert Intuitive Consultant before extending her practice into feng shui.  With her experience since 1986 as a full time professional in the holistic, metaphysical field, her ability to recognize and facilitate the flow of positive chi (vital life force) in an environment manifests easily.  Once determined that any negative energies exist in an environment, Julie performs both a "space clearing" and blessing ritual.

What's Involved In A Feng Shui Consultation?

A consultation with Julie includes a thorough analysis of your outside and inside surroundings, a personal interview, suggestions for furniture placement, colors and visual remedies according to your taste, rituals that empower suggested changes and that clear out negative chi, an easy-to-use bagua chart (based on the ancient divination system the I Ching) that explains areas of one's life according to the BTB method and how to enhance those areas using particular colors & elements. The nine areas of enhancement are knowledge & skills, career, wealth, health, personal & business relationships, children, family, benefactors and fame.

Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies

Julie also performs "space clearing" and "blessing" ceremonies separately from a feng shui consultation to permanently rid persons or an environment of disturbing, negative energies and to bring in positive energies for ultimate prosperity and well being. The result is an uplifting, "clean" space which then has the potential to bring in happiness, abundance and harmony.

* Special Note

For architects, designers and construction companies, to ask for advice before the blueprints are finalized is highly recommended. For purchase of residential or commercial land and homes or buildings, an analysis of what energies exist below the ground's surface as well as the impact of the surrounding environment is also evaluated.

Analysis, Report & Recording

For businesses, a thorough analysis of the land and surroundings, of the entire interior and exterior of a structure and advice as to corrections and future projections may be requested in a written report electronically e-mailed. 

Long Distance Feng Shui

Feng Shui may also be arranged by long distance through blueprints, photographs and diagrams by fax, mail or e-mail. Fees are guidelines and individually priced per circumstance. Call or e-mail for details.

Feng Shui Rates

  • Household - $250 per hour (2 hour-minimum, $125 for each additional half-hour)
  • Small Business - Call for Rate 
  • Corporate Rate - Call for Rate
  • Travel Fee - $25 / Per Fifteen Minutes (Beyond a free 1-Hour Roundtrip Radius)

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