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"May we be in gratitude for everything we have and be generous to those who have not." - Julie

Clear, accurate, practical answers given in a positive, fun and compassionate manner. To make an appointment call (925) 945-7074 or email me at julie@julieyip.com. Thank you and many blessings.

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As an Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Life Coach since 1986, Julie offers you a warm, holistic down-to-earth approach to your concerns by using her intuitive gifts. She is also a Feng Shui Consultant, certified as a Reiki Master Teacher  and Reconnective Healer.

In an Intuitive Counseling session, Julie has the ability to accurately, quickly and gently guide you to a deeper understanding of your life path and purpose, give advice on relationships, family issues, health, your potential future, career and business concerns, spiritual growth, insights to past lives and their impact on current life issues (i.e., may include clarity on "forgotten" talents and/or explain dynamics in challenging business and personal relationships), accurate advice on litigation, stocks and much more by using her intuitive gifts.  There is no question too large or small.  Practical, specific advice is given along with visualization, communication techniques and other tools to immediately enhance your life.  With her training in Heartmath(R), BePeace and Nonviolent Communication(R) in addition to her energy healing certification in Reiki and The Reconnection (R), Julie's accuracy, insight and healing ability have been often life-changing for clientele from all walks of life worldwide. Her genuine caring and light-hearted attitude makes her a favorite among intuitive counselors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Julie continues to assist you to integrate the information from Intuitive Counseling sessions and to practice new tools drawn from her background as well as from her own guidance. Depending upon the individual, one's progress can be fairly immediate to a gradual development over time. The insights given from these sessions tend to accelerate the evolution of consciousness by causing shifts in perception. You benefit from understanding better ways to cope in a positive way with life's issues.

With her extensive media experience, many known actors, musicians, directors and casting agents have utilized Julie's Intuitive Counseling sessions to guide them in their personal lives and/or careers on stage, television, film & recording projects. Advice is offered as to best choices with roles, contracts, to choose the right personnel with whom to work for successful, fulfilling ventures and how to avoid mishaps.  Writers and producers have experienced her healing sessions to clear the way to finish scripts and enhance creativity.  Julie has an uncanny ability to to discover and encourage new talent with the "it" factor.  Everyone she encourages is a successful working professional.

Private sessions by telephone or in person are available and may be recorded upon request.  Consultations by phone are encouraged as they are just as efficient and accurate as in person. Julie's process is to say a prayer, go into a light trance state (similiar to day dreaming) and connect with what she calls the "Source"  (you may call it "God," "Higher Power," "Great Spirit," "All That Is," etc.).  She receives impressions, images and feelings which are often direct quotes from "Spirit" in answer to any questions presented. A brief healing by long distance over the phone or in person may also be included. Questions and/or areas of concern prepared in advance are highly recommended.

Please call Julie at 925-945-7074 (California) to make an appointment or for any questions regarding her services.  E-mail her at julie@julieyip.com. 


Client Comments

"Julie's guidance on my financial portfolio has been right on for the last seven years, and I will continue to work with her in the future." - S.W., Los Angeles

"The kindness and compassion shown to me by Julie really helped me through a very rough time in a relationship." - Lisa Watkins, San Francisco

"Julie impressed me with her Feng Shui strategies that really worked for my high tech company."- Ed, San Jose

"I felt lost and directionless when I first went to Julie. After my session with her, I felt I knew my life purpose again, and the healing was wonderful!" - Claire, Danville

Intuitive Counseling Issues Include:

  • Life Path & Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Career & Health Issues
  • Business Concerns
  • Potential Futures
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Past Lives
  • Contact with Deceased Loved Ones
  • Litigation & Stocks

Intuitive Counseling & Spirit Life Coaching sessions are available both by telephone and in person.  Consultations by phone are encouraged as they are just as efficient and accurate.
By appointment only.

For an appointment with Julie,
call 925-945-7074
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Disclaimer:  Suggestions, advice, predictions and/or healing energy from Reiki or Reconnective Healing (R) from me are not meant to substitute for advice or treatment that you may require from a licensed professional such as a medical doctor, health practitioner, psychiatrist, lawyer or financial advisor.  No guarantees or implied warranties of any kind are given, and so I will not be held responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient.  I will not be held liable for the choices you make as you are ultimately responsible for the final decisions that affect your life.  You must be 18 years or older to call me.  I am required by law to state the following even though I may not agree: For entertainment purposes only.

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