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"May we be in gratitude for everything we have and be generous to those who have not." - Julie

Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach, Reconnective Healer (trained by Dr. Eric Pearl), Feng Shui Consultant & Reiki Master Teacher, Julie has been in practice since 1986 as professional in the holistic, metaphysical field.

Issues Covered

In a private session practical, accurate, down-to-earth information is given to questions regarding relationships, career, health, potential futures, business strategies, contracts, litigation, financial portfolios, past lives, spiritual growth and communication with those who have passed on in a compassionate, heartfelt manner.

My Readings
In an Intuitive Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching session my process is to say a prayer, go into a light trance state (similar to day dreaming) and connect with what I call the Source (one may call it "God," "Higher Power," "Great Spirit," "All That Is," etc.).  I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient (I see, feel and "hear" energy).  I receive impressions, images, feelings and messages which are often direct quotes from Spirit in answer to any questions presented.  I highly recommend that you prepare specific questions or areas of concern in advance of the appointment.  Towards to the end of the session, you have the option of choosing a healing involving active visualization that moves out negative energy and brings in positive energy.   Intuitive Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching sessions are available over the telephone (including the healing).  These sessions are just as accurate as those in person. All sessions over the phone or in person may be recorded by the client.

My Experience

My initial experience started when I began to have precognitive dreams; dreams that foretold symbolically or literally of places, events or people that came true from five minutes to nine years from the time of the dream. For instance, one day I dreamt of a handwritten note being slipped under my door. When I awoke that morning, I did find a handwritten note from my neighbor, telling me she would be late to work that day. In another dream, an East Indian man who was a stranger to me, handed me a piece of paper stating that I would be married on June 17th. Nine years later when I married my husband (now deceased), the only date available at the place we chose was June 17th.  I had long forgotten my dream, did not plan to be married on that day and remembered much later that specific date.

Other instances of my budding intuitive abilities came in the form of calling people by names other than their own. For example, when having dinner with a friend and a couple I did not know, I leaned forward and said to the woman that I felt I wanted to call her by another name. I didn't think anything of it. Her boyfriend called me the next day for a private session because I had called his girlfriend the name of the woman he was seeing on the without his girlfriend's knowledge. Another example is the time I met a woman through a mutual friend. We started a conversation and established a great rapport. All of a sudden, I told her I wanted to call her another name. She immediately shut off from me and I later learned from our mutual friend that I had called her the name only she and her psychiatrist knew as her alter ego. I learned quickly to only give information when I was asked in most cases.

During the time I worked as a television producer and host at KTVU-Channel 2 in Oakland, California, I met Uri Geller.  Mr. Geller was a guest on one of the shows at the station and was in the San Francisco Bay Area being studied by the Stanford Research Institute for his ability to bend metal with his mind and energy while only lightly rubbing a spoon, for instance. (Mr. Geller is famous for his "spoon bending" feat). Stanford also conducted experiments to study Mr. Geller's ability to start old clocks and watches by a similar method, among other paranormal talents. On the television program, the producer drew simple shapes unseen by Mr. Geller on folded pieces of paper. During the program, Mr. Geller held these pieces of paper to his forehead and successfully described the shapes drawn. I only know when Mr. Geller first walked in the door, I felt a tremendous sudden surge of energy. After the program aired, we received hundreds of letters from viewers who, with Mr. Geller's guidance during the show, said that they were also successful in starting old watches and clocks and bending spoons under his guidance. A co-worker who was not at the taping but who had attended a baseball game instead, found that when she returned home her house key had bent slightly without her attention or concentration. She was aware of Mr. Geller's visit to the station, however, and had an interest in astrology and the paranormal in general. (Visit Uri Geller's web site at www.urigeller.com).

Years later, I met Mr. Geller again and told him of the tremendous surge of energy I felt when he first walked into the television station. I asked him if he had this affect on most people he met and he modestly said he didn't know. Around the time I first met Mr. Geller I asked a famous psychic about my own "spiritual opening."  She told me it was just "my time" and I would have experienced the same phenomena if I were sitting in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean. She further suggested that I attend a school in Berkeley, California for further training, so I would not become afraid of my gifts. I found a clairvoyant training school called Heartsong at that time and have had several teachers since then to understand and sharpen my abilities.

In 1986 I had an involuntary "kundalini" experience where while asleep I was suddenly awakened by a forceful flow of energy up my spine.  I felt a tremendous surge (once again but different than when I met Uri Geller) and my head felt like it was inside a pressure cooker.  I felt I would levitate off the bed.  I called the Spiritual Emergency Network then located in Menlo Park and described my symptoms.  They said it sounded like a kundalini experience (term based on Hindu philosophy) and referred me to a woman who had also experienced the same phenomenon and who would assist me.  I learned more about kundalini through this woman and Dr. Lee Sannella's books on the subject which describes case studies. 

My symptoms ranged from feeling constant heat in my body to mood swings (neither related to hormones) and I experienced several visions during the process.  I was pretty much a recluse for about three years as I went through this experience with very little human contact as I could not stand any negativity around me.  My mother took me to a Chinese herb doctor who said I had too much fire in my system which made sense since kundalini is known as the usually dormant "serpent fire" that travels up the spine sometimes due to a fall in the tail bone area, through deliberate practice with kundalini yoga, or in my case for no apparent outside reason at all except perhaps for my own destiny.  

Basically, the kundalini experience is sometimes a complete disintegration of personality that can result in a psychotic break, and then a reintegration of the personality.  If one is allowed to go through the entire process, the results are profound, and indigenous cultures around the world revere people who go through this experience as visionaries, prophets and healers.  If the process is interrupted by drugs and the person institutionalized, the process cannot be completed.  I have cautioned people since my experience, before someone they know is labeled simply "psychotic," to read about this phenomenon to help ascertain if the person is experiencing kundalini or not. (Disclaimer:  These statements are not to substitute any medical advice one should seek).  Even though I did not experience a psychotic break, after going through this process I did experience a deeper intensity and ability with my intuitive, artistic and healing abilities.

Client Comments

"Julie's guidance on my financial portfolio has been right on for the last seven years, and I will continue to work with her in the future." - S.W., Union City

"The kindness and compassion shown to me by Julie really helped me through a very rough time in a relationship." - Lisa Watkins, San Francisco

"I felt lost when I first went to Julie. After my session with her, I felt I knew my life purpose again, and the healing was wonderful!" - Claire, Danville

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