Long Distance Healing*


* Remote healing can be safely sent to adults, children & pets.

Client Comments:


"I was feeling down and energetically unstable. The healing I received from you put me back in balance and helped me get through the rest of the day." - Cody Morris, Walnut Creek, CA


Subj: Re: Healing Tonite  

"Thank you, Julie.  As you are able to witness, your healing energies are allowing me to write at this hour sans medication.  Have a wonderful day.  I know I will."

  Love, Ming - Ming Louie, San Francisco www.mingstudio.com

A client who had rectal cancer, Gina Barlett of Stockton emailed the following in regards to long distance healing (three treatments):

Subj: Re: Thank You 


"Julie...I felt a vibration going through my body very strong.  Felt as if my body was floating.  Was very powerful and my body responded to it well.  It's hard to put it all into words.  It was so strong that I knew when you were finished too. Thank you so much."  

"P.S. I felt something else but I don't have the word to describe it."

 Gina Bartlett, Stockton, California

From: Gina Barlett
To: JulieYip


"A little tired today.  My body feels like it needs to rest, so that is what I'm doing.  Felt a lot of negative energy leave my space during the healing.  Maybe that is why I feel tired."

After the third treatment Gina called and said, "I feel as though the tumor is shrinking and I'm no longer passing a dark substance.  I feel overall much better.  You are a very powerful hearler."

Gina was  tested by an alternative healer that showed her cancer and tumor are both gone.  She decided to follow advice received in a psychic reading from me to undergo radiation treatments with a specific visualization technique I suggested for minumum ill effects.  Her doctor was amazed at her quick recovery and could not find a trace of her tumor.  For a time, Gina was no longer in pain, felt terrific and looked healthy with a glowing radiance.  Unfortunately, in the end, Gina did pass on.   I include her testimony for the effects of the long distance healing she received at the time.  I have no knowledge of her medical treatments after our sessions together.

The woman below Judy Parker has various health issues.  Her son Eric is a manic-depressive:

From: Judy Parker
To: JulieYip

"Hello my friend!  Thank you so much for helping me and also Eric.  I could feel the divine/your energy very loving.  I felt much pain and heat at each site of my body such as my liver, gall bladder area (surgically removed), my head (alot-around the pituitary area), my duodenem (ulcer), my legs, ankles, and feet; my arms, hands, and shoulders (especially my right side up and down), and my hips.  I also felt being cleansed in my third eye and crown. For Eric, I was observing him. Right before you started the healings, he went down to the garage. I asked my spirit guide to bring Eric back to his bedroom so you can start the healing.  All of a sudden he came back and laid down in his room!  GOD works  in mysterious ways!  I noticed him sleeping a very long time.  I noticed his energy wasn't that angry.  I want to thank you Julie.  I love you very much.  You are very important and precious to me.  Know that I am thinking of you always and you are always in my prayers. I'm doing everything you told me to do.   Love & Blessings, Judy

Judy Parker, Vallejo, California, USA

I continue to work on Judy's son Eric.  How does this long distance healing work?  If you ever thought of someone and then they miraculously called you, or if you ever felt someone staring at you and turn around and see that you're right, you can understand how some invisible vibration works between two people.  It's much the same in long distance healing or doing an Intuitive Counseling session over the telephone.  We cannot see the air we breath but we know it's there.  Long distance healing works on the same principal.  See this website, www.takionic.com/faq.html,for more explanation in terms of vibrational healing and modern medicine.

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