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Julie has been using and sharing TAKIONIC (R) products since 1991 with great enthusiasm and fantastic results for herself & others. Read the following about these wonderful products from Tachyon Energy Research, importers of the original TACHYON PRODUCTS.

Takionic (R) products (high performance wrist and headbands, belts, water, beads, patches, insoles, mattress, cosmetic line, jewelry, sports suit and pet bands) are made with a revolutionary complex high-tech composite known as OPTIMUM RESONANT MATERIAL (TM) (ORM). Scientists have discovered that these materials help speed up healing, reduce stress and fatigue, increase "chi" (vital life force), enhance mental clarity and focus, improve skin tone while increasing youthful vitality.

ORM (TM) material was invented first over 25 years ago by Japanese scientists involving breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics, chemical engineering, material sciences, and the latest innovations in textile engineering and manufacturing.

Millions of people worldwide are using Takionic (R) products with great success from Olympic athletes and sports enthusiasts to men and women in stressful professions, the elderly, busy mothers, students and people who want to maintain a healthy, youthful existence . Takionic (R) products help to revitalize and restore your tired, depleted and unbalanced energy resources in a completely natural way. Increase strength, stamina and memory retention. Harmlessly tested on animals to dispel placebo effect.

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